Webinar Report: Security at the Speed of VoLTE

A big thanks to all of you who attended our ‘Security at the Speed of VoLTE’ webinar on April 10, and special appreciation to host Stéphane Téral of Infonetics who provided new insights on the changing face of LTE security, … Continue reading

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Five Concerns Keeping Carriers’ VoLTE Plans on Ice

Of the 268 live LTE networks in more than 100 countries worldwide, only a few have deployed VoLTE to date.  Given the many advantages of VoLTE, from spectrum efficiency to higher quality calls and consumer satisfaction, adoption is surprisingly low … Continue reading

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Secured VoLTE: Strategies for Preventing Mobile Mayhem

Every time the world finds a different way to communicate, operators need to change the way they build their networks and infrastructure vendors need to come up with new technology.  The raging question today is no longer whether to secure … Continue reading

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MWC 2014: Part 1 – The Rise and Rise of Virtualization (and Alternative Vendors)

The entire mobile broadband industry is going virtual, if you believe the hype around this year’s Mobile World Congress.  Certainly, AT&T threw a firelighter onto the debate with its Domain 2.0 announcement and selection of newcomer Affirmed, plus other previously … Continue reading

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Re-Post from Disruptive Wireless: The Big Problem for VoLTE

Dean Bubley’s February 6  Disruptive Analysis article citing Stoke’s perspective on VoLTE challenges sparked a great deal of comment on his site.  As usual, Dean’s insights are keen and his perspective is challenging.  Here’s his article: The big problem for VoLTE … Continue reading

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Security at the speed of VoLTE: new research points to S1 gateways as the key

In a new research paper, Infonetics Principal Analyst Stéphane Téral writes about the rising tide of LTE security vulnerabilities, the consequent need to encrypt LTE voice and data communications, and the imperative of avoiding latency in protecting at-risk Voice over … Continue reading

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Evolving Threats in Evolving LTE Networks

The foundation for modern day LTE networks was laid by a need for increasing the capacity and speed of wireless data networks and offering lower latency than that offered by the 3G architecture. However, with an explosive rise in mobile … Continue reading

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Architected for Virtualization

… when the market is ripe The virtualization floodgates have been opened.  The entire telco industry is buzzing about the potential of Networks Functions Virtualization (NFV) to provide operators with a more cost effective and rapid way for them to … Continue reading

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Reblogged from More than skin covers/SkintheMoon: Docomo prepares for 150Mbps downlink speeds for XiLTE network

http://lteconference.wordpress.com/2014/01/15/japans-docomo-prepares-upgrade-to-bring-150mpbs-downlink-speeds-to-its-xi-lte-network/ NTT Docomo, the largest mobile network operators in Japan, announced today that it will be starting prelaunch operations for an upgrade to its Xi LTE network, offering downlink speeds of up to 150 Mbps – similar to speeds being … Continue reading

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The Pillars of VoLTE: Speed, Security and Latency-Free

VoLTE is a crucial service for mobile operators, not only because of the promised improvements in call quality that will create additional user demand, but because this technology enables them to eventually terminate their legacy, circuit-switched voice 2G/3G network infrastructure … Continue reading

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