The Stoke Edge

Stoke provides market-proven mobile gateway solutions to the broadband network industry. The products have been chosen by Tier 1 mobile network operators for technical excellence and consistent, high quality manufacturing. Stoke partners with leading industry equipment providers and systems integrators to provide key elements of their wireless infrastructure solutions.

Stoke products and solutions, deployed on the innovative SSX platform, provide a strong business value to network operators.

Market Proven Experience

Stoke is the industry leader in deployed LTE security gateways and offers extensive commercial experience developing, deploying and maintaining LTE security gateway equipment in a top tier LTE network.

Protect Network Investments

Stoke high performance products provide the most powerful, Opex and Capex- efficient gateway solutions available while protecting the core network against signaling overloads and attacks. Stoke’s highly scalable solutions greatly simplify capacity planning and provide a flexible, pre-tested interoperable element that eases deployment complexity and helps future proof operator network investments.

Enhance Business Value

Stoke's innovative products increase the operator ability to leverage and integrate Wi-Fi assets more effectively, pursue new service opportunities, and maintain consistent user experience.

Quality Manufacturing

Stoke products are entirely built in the United States. The company closely monitors suppliers for quality and sustainability and is committed to green manufacturing techniques in the design, development and manufacturing of its products.

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