The Operator Challenge

How can network operators balance the tremendous technical and operational complexities of the mobile broadband environment? In this highly competitive industry, operators must guard subscribers and revenue closely and provide high performance services, all while lowering costs.

Stoke is focused on solving the new and difficult challenges of mobile networking – with the goal of improving network security, performance and efficiency, while also enhancing the user experience. Stoke provides significant operator benefits in key solution domains:

LTE Security, EPC Protection, Performance

As carriers grow their LTE networks, they will need to ensure that IPSec is employed in areas where network security is required – especially in conjunction with deployments of small cells, het-nets, and in areas where untrusted backhaul networks are utilized. The LTE Security Framework illustrated here show the five security domains in LTE networks and the distinct area that Stoke addresses – the RAN-Core border.

With its RAN security solution, Stoke addresses the scalability and security challenges of a fast growing LTE market, enabling carriers to ensure network security while maintaining optimum 4G-LTE performance and quality of service. Additional protection is provided through Stoke's Mobile Border Agent feature and ultra-strong encryption, IKE authentication, and 2048 bit certificate support. Stoke's VoLTE solution will maintain the low latency and high reliability needed as this critical new service is added into networks.

Additional protection is provided through Stoke's EPC protection solution and ultra-strong encryption, IKE authentication, and 2048 bit certificate support. Stoke's small cell aggregation solution further enables LTE operators to smoothly integrate all capacity options. And as operators become ready to virtualize LTE network elements Stoke will provide seamless transition of the evolved packet core (EPC) perimeter security to a Network Function Virtualization security solution.

Wi-Fi Integration and Optimum User Experience

Massive increases in the adoption of Wi-Fi enabled devices coupled with the steep rise in mobile data traffic have compelled network operators – mobile and fixed – to quickly leverage unlicensed Wi-Fi for wireless Internet access. While the typical Wi-Fi offload solution offers congestion relief, it encourages users to choose Wi-Fi over cellular, distancing them from the mobile operator.

For fixed and mobile operators, Stoke's Wi-Fi offload solution enables 'Commercial Wi-Fi' which maintains a quality user experience on Wi-Fi, providing congestion relief and still giving subscribers access to all the services, security and standards they receive over cellular networks. The clientless option removes client implementation barriers.

Performance without Compromise

Operators are challenged to integrate networks and technologies smoothly, sustain a quality user experience with high network performance, and still keep service delivery costs low. Stoke solutions are purpose built from the ground up for today's mobile broadband environment to solve critical, performance impacting problems for mobile network operators. Stoke innovative design and patent pending technologies enable cost effective, concurrent operation of critical functions while maintaining line-rate, high performance throughput.

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