Clientless Operations

Wi-Fi eXchange Applications and Ecosystem
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Stoke's Clientless Interworking solution is a deployment option of Stoke Wi-Fi eXchange, that leverages 3GPP standard functions for secure Wi-Fi access and integration to the mobile core, while employing an evolved framework that removes costly and complex requirements of 3GPP client functionality. 

Wi-Fi Integration Challenges

Faced with mobile network congestion, and encouraged by operators' current Wi-Fi offload policies, users are turning to Wi-Fi as their preferred access method. Aware of the real business threat of subscribers becoming distanced them from their service providers, fixed and mobile operators alike are seeking solutions allowing them to deliver an integrated Wi-Fi/cellular service.

However, there is no easy mechanism for providing complex, interworking software to millions of active mobile subscribers. The cost and difficulty are high, and inclusion of an IWLAN client creates further challenges.

Removing Client Obstacles

The Stoke solution offers a simple, elegant way to address the problem of network congestion or spectrum exhaustion while maintaining the network and business advantages of IWLAN. Utilizing the Stoke Wi-Fi Exchange, the solution moves critical, but resource intensive, IWLAN functions from the mobile device into the Wi-Fi access network.

Reduced Complexity

With Clientless Interworking, the operator can maintain a quality user experience, take full advantage of the functionality of IWLAN and be freed from the mobile device deployment burden.  It eliminates the time and complexity needed to effectively roll out clients – delays which can allow competitors time to gain market strength, erode price margins and capture high value segments.

Stoke Clientless Offload allows operators to respond quickly to new mobile broadband dynamics with no risk to existing network architecture or future network evolution.

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