Media Coverage

Connect World, US edition Balancing security and speed in LTE: Can vendors keep pace? – (5/14)
SiliconIndia Stoke named one of Silicon India’s 20 Most Promising Technology Companies – (5/5/14)
SiliconIndia Silicon India profiles Stoke (5/2/14)
SiliconIndia Stoke: Protecting and Enhancing Mobile Communications (4/1/14)
CIO Review 3G and LTE Security Solutions on a Single Platform (3/10/14)
Silicon India Top Notch Product Companies Hiring For R&D (2/12/14)
Disruptive Analysis The big problem for VoLTE (2/6/14)
Fierce Wireless Poised for Virtualization (1/11/14)
CIO CIO: LTE Security to Improve in 2014 (12/17/13)
Search Manufacturing ERP Finding the ROI of a manufacturing green investment (12/03/13)
Search Manufacturing ERP Portrait of a green manufacturing partnership (11/21/13)
Wall Street Online Stoke and Macnica Networks Provide Mobile Broadband Gateways (9/17/13)
OSPMAG.COM LTE: The Runaway Train (5/1/13)
Pradeep's Point Outlook for global telecom: 2013 year of LTE? (1/24/13)
The Santa Clara Weekly Santa Clara-Based Stoke Beats the Competition By Keeping Manufacturing at Home (1/9/13)
Xconomy The 4G Security Threat for Mobile Developers, by Vikash Varma (7/30/12)
Fierce Broadband Wireless Stoke snags $5M Samsung investment, says no rush for IPO (7/18/12)
Gigaom Samsung invests $5M in 4G data-triage startup Stoke (7/17/12)
VentureWire With Mobile Gateways in Hot Demand, Samsung Backs Stoke (7/13/12)
ZDNet Asia Stoke CTO, Dave Williams, Keynote Address on Carrier Wi-Fi at CommunicAsia (6/18/12)
Telecom TV Main Agenda at MWC: Small Cells & Backhaul. (3/21/12)
Inkslinger Mobile offload? Think Wi-Fi, Delilah... (2/21/12)
CIO Stoke Gateway Could Ramp Up Carriers' Wi-Fi Offerings (2/12/12)
Light Reading Stokin' Up Wi-Fi's Operator Cred (2/12/12)
Wireless Week Stoke Ups Ante on Wi-Fi Offload (2/12/12)
Business Insider Vikash Varma, Stoke CEO, named as one of 100 coolest people in the Silicon Valley (2/12/12)
The Verge Stoke's Wi-Fi Exchange gateway promises easier data offloading for mobile carriers and users (2/11/12)
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