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Stoke gateway products are designed specifically for the rigorous performance and functional requirements of the boundary between wireless access networks and packet data core networks – the Mobile Access Border. The SSX-3000 platform delivers Stoke's gateway applications while maintaining the industry's highest throughput and packet processing performance in a compact, power efficient footprint.

Stoke eXpert Services, including professional services, training services, and support services, ensure successful design, testing, integration and rollout of Stoke equipment into the operator network, and seamless operations and maintenance.

Stoke Gateway Products

Security eXchange™

Security eXchange is a network gateway application that provides RAN agnostic, secure aggregation and connectivity between RAN and core without adding any appreciable end-to-end latency. Stoke Security eXchange assures confidentiality and integrity of LTE data plane and control plane traffic, protecting subscriber communications, EPC elements, and services.

Mobile Border Agent™ is a software-based entity to further monitor and protect the dynamic LTE radio-core mobile border. The Stoke Mobile Border Agent adds a watchful presence to assess and identify unusual traffic conditions and relationships, collect data and report back to the operator or upstream network elements, and to take corrective action, in accordance with operator policy.

Wi-Fi eXchange™

Stoke Wi-Fi eXchange is a gateway application that automatically authenticates Wi-Fi attached subscribers and securely links them to their 3G or LTE cellular network services and/or to the Internet. Wi-Fi eXchange enables operators to maximize the benefits of service provider Wi-Fi while limiting traffic loads on the mobile core through dynamic, selective traffic steering. Wi-Fi eXchange is an important catalyst for operators seeking to transition from Wi-Fi as merely RAN congestion relief to Wi-Fi as a new service delivery medium. It ensures operators can align Wi-Fi traffic cost with traffic value.


SSX-3000 is a purpose-built hardware / software platform on which Stoke mobile edge gateway applications are delivered. The modular five slot system combines leading edge commercial silicon with an innovative "one hop" architecture and StokeOS operating system, to provide a range of packet processing and security functions with industry leading KPIs. The SSX-3000 delivers fundamental feature, price and performance advantages in an operationally efficient network element.

Stoke Systems Manager (SSM)

The Stoke Systems Manager™ reduces the cost and complexity of deploying Stoke solutions, outfitting the operators with a browser-based, graphical user interface for managing their network of SSX-3000s gateways.

Performance without Compromise

The Stoke gateway products provide industry leading packet processing, throughput, and power efficiency - maintaining their performance under the increasingly demanding traffic growth and unpredictability and as LTE networks and services mature.


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