Coming Soon: Stoke Marketing Center

Chloe Hull
February 15, 2023
2 min read

If you're new to Amazon's Search Query Performance Report (referred to as SQP from here on out), check out our summary from last week here.

As a quick refresher, Amazon's SQP report provides you with the key metrics across each step of Amazon's search funnel:

The SQP report tells you not just how well you are converting across each step of the funnel, but how well you are converting compared to the rest of the market. For example, let's say we are looking at the search term below.

This tells us that our ASIN is performing best at the click and add-to-cart steps of the funnel, and worst on the purchase step. This is interesting data - but what can we do with it? Is this better or worse than our typical week? What's our next move?

Within Amazon, you're able to view this information for a specific week, month, or quarter. But the real value of this data comes in understanding how your performance is evolving over time.

Let's say you just ramped up a new campaign targeting this particular search term, which you're hoping will drive improvements to your organic rank - how can you evaluate the impact of that campaign? You'd need to see the change in your performance over time, but Amazon doesn't enable this.

Introducing: Stoke Marketing Center

Stoke's Marketing Center is the first fully automated solution that ingests your SQP data every week and enables you to zoom in to search term level data week over week, or zoom out to see aggregated ASIN performance across all of your search terms. We'll show you how your portfolio is doing and highlight ASINs where you may need a little extra love.

This is just a sample of what we have coming. Want to get a sneak peak before everyone else? Sign up for the beta waitlist here.

While you wait to hear from us - how are you using SQP data today? What's been the biggest gold mine you've found so far?

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