Powerful dashboards to fuel e-commerce growth.

The days of manual reporting are over. Stoke transforms data from the leading sales and marketing channels into custom dashboards made just for you.

One plan, all features, $99/month.
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Trusted by beloved brands to save time and stoke progress.

Choose your own dataventure

Browse through templates created by industry experts or build the custom dashboard of your dreams. No matter which path you pick, you’ll be happy you did.

Our dashboard library features templates built and tested by the smartest names in e-comm.

Choose from our selection of turn-key solutions and level up your reporting game with the click of a button.

We’ll do the heavy lifting.

Provide our team of data experts with your dashboard vision, and we’ll develop the reporting tool of your dreams.


Give your favorite spreadsheet a modern makeover.

Mix, match, and transform hundreds of metrics into custom dashboards with our DIY building solution.

Onboard in minutes.

Save hundreds of hours.
Ignite your business.

Stoke is the only solution to automate cross-platform data aggregation, freeing up precious time to make the decisions that matter most.

Data integrations include:

Amazon Seller Central
Facebook/Meta Ads
Google Ads
Amazon Ads
TikTok Ads
Bing Ads
Google Analytics

+ we can accommodate requests for additional data sources.

Why brands love Stoke

Avoid analytics overload

Don't force square pegs into round holes. Find and create dashboards with metrics that are right for your business.

Unlock actionable insights

With Stoke dashboards, data is visualized with action in mind, giving you the clarity needed to make big moves.

Learn from experts

Stoke’s dashboard library provides exclusive insight into the tools and metrics used by leading e-comm experts.

"I was absolutely blown away by Stoke. It solved a crucial problem we faced, enabling us to analyze market trends in Amazon’s search funnel and refine our advertising and listing strategy at scale. Before Stoke, we were manually tracking these metrics in our own homegrown system, but now we exclusively rely on Stoke. Its automation and comprehensive data analysis have allowed us to focus our resources elsewhere, saving us significant time and money."

Gautam Agarwal

Co-Founder at Toniiq

"We're thrilled to be early users of Stoke, and we've been blown away by the convenience and efficiency the platform offers. By consolidating our Shopify and Amazon data into one dashboard, we're able to save time and gain a clear understanding of how our business is performing. We couldn't be happier with the product and highly recommend it to any ecommerce manager or founder looking to streamline ecommerce operations."

Beth Fynbo

President & Founder of Busy Baby

Stoke leads the way

From lightning-quick setup to comprehensive data integrations, Stoke provides more bang for your buck than any other dashboard solution.

Manual reporting
Most ecomm dashboard tools
Customizable reporting
Out-of-the-box reporting
Fast to implement
One-click data connections
Support for all major sales and marketing channels.
Learn from other sellers
Custom building services
If you find them

Affordable Pricing.
14-day free trial.

One plan. All the features.
Unlimited templates
Unlimited integrations
3 FREE custom dashboards (limited time)
3 user seats
Chat support
Organic Rank for each ASIN
Access to Amazon SQP Tool

Frequently Asked Questions

What data sources can be connected to Stoke Dashboards?

Current connections: Amazon Seller Central, Amazon Ads, Shopify, Walmart, Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Tik Tok Ads, Bing Ads, Klaviyo. We can accommodate requests for additional data sources.

How many free templates are available?

We are constantly adding free templates to the library for all Stoke users to download. Today we have at least one template in the following categories: marketing, business, profit & loss, inventory management, keyword research, and competitive research.

Do you support custom data that is not available via API (eg. COGS)?

We support the ability for you to upload your COGS information. We also ingest additional data including Organic Rank, Amazon's Search Query Performance report, and competitor keyword information.

What is the custom dashboard build process?

You submit a request in writing or verbally through a dashboard scoping session. Our team will review your request for feasibility and report back an estimated time to completion.

How long does it take to build a custom dashboard?

It depends on the complexity of your dashboard and whether we already have all requested data. After you submit your request, we'll provide an estimate of timing to release your dashboard.

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