How to Unlock the Power of Amazon's Search Query Performance Report with Amazon Funnel Optimizer

Brittani Dinsmore
September 5, 2023
5 min read

Amazon announced a new set of Brand Analytics data last year, called Search Query Performance (SQP). The dataset allows you to understand how well your product converts at each step of the search funnel, from impressions to clicks to purchases, compared to the rest of the market. It allows you to identify high-opportunity search terms, or keywords, where you can capture more market share and increase your sales. Amazon's SQP data has been described as an “avalanche of data,” where the time-consuming and manual nature of digging to uncover insights each week prohibits the ability of many Amazon sellers to benefit from its power. 

Our objective at Stoke is to build out a next-generation all-in-one software platform for e-commerce brands. The first product we've launched is focused on streamlining and simplifying the analysis of Amazon’s SQP data. We consulted with expert Amazon sellers, codified how they're using their SQP data, and built our own proprietary algorithms to enable sellers to access those insights from their own data. We now offer a fully automated SQP data analysis and recommendation engine that tells you what you should do with the data and why.

Introducing Stoke’s SQP data analysis solution – 

Amazon Funnel Optimizer is the first and only software solution to automatically ingest Amazon’s SQP report and transform it into actionable insights you can use to improve your performance. It’s designed to make it seamless for Amazon brand managers to easily identify trends and take action.

"Stoke has saved our team about 14 hours a week... Now that we no longer have to do the heavy lifting of pulling reports and sorting the data, our team is more focused on driving the business forward and scaling it." - William Chau | Coop Sleep Goods
A screen recording of the Portfolio tab within Stoke's Amazon Funnel Optimizer showing for charts with different data visualizations to depict month of month performance against the general market. Top 10 products by revenue, and Top 50 search term opportunities.
Amazon Funnel Optimizer "Portfolio View" tab

It only takes minutes to do what used to take hours – 

Search Query Performance data is released by Amazon in expansive tables of data which require manual manipulation and interpretation - taking teams hours to process, review, and derive insights. Other 3rd party solutions offering SQP data analysis don't provide much relief here. They require you to log in to Amazon and manually download the report and to remember on your own when it's ready and available for review.

Stoke automatically updates your SQP data as often as it’s refreshed by Amazon (generally on a weekly basis), so you can quickly review search term performance across your entire portfolio of brands and products, instead of manually downloading the data by each ASIN into spreadsheets and other tools.

Screen recording of the week-over-week chart on the ASIN View tab in Amazon Funnel Optimizer, showing funnel metrics over time, by Parent-ASIN or Child-ASIN, against the general market. Metrics include: Marketing Funnel Share, Organic Search Volume, Clickthrough Rate Variance, Conversion Rate Variance, Clickthrough Rate (ASIN), Clickthrough Rate (Market), Conversion Rate (ASIN), Conversion Rate (Market), Purchase (ASIN), and Purchase (Market).
Amazon Funnel Optimizer "ASIN View" tab

See how you stack up against the market throughout the funnel –

Start by reviewing the performance of key funnel metrics and conversion trends against the general market. Then, analyze your data at the parent-child ASIN level to understand macro trends and spot ASINs that need attention. Identify opportunities to optimize your ads and listings strategy to maximize your market share for high-relevancy search terms.

Screen recording of the Funnel Metrics Deep Dive graph view and table view, showing the difference between purchase metrics: Total Count, Share, CVR, and Price.
Amazon Funnel Optimizer: bottom of "ASIN View" tab - Funnel Metrics Deep Dive Graph and Table Views

Gather insights to improve your performance at the speed of a click –  

Stoke’s proprietary algorithm dives deep into search term analysis and surfaces segmented opportunities you can quickly filter by Suggested Action: Increase Ad Spend, Improve Traffic, Improve Conversion, Decrease Spend, and/or No Action. Under each search term, you’ll find a summary and key metrics explaining why the action is being suggested. Used together across your portfolio, we expect you to see gains from ad spend efficiency and unlocked revenue from higher-performing listings. You can see a full list of keyword opportunity classifications and suggested actions in the Help Center.

Screen recording of the Search Term Opportunities view, showing an example of a search term with recommendation from Stoke to increase ad spend.
Amazon Funnel Optimizer "Search Term" tab: Search Term Opportunities and Suggested Actions display

Keep track of changes, events, and people that make an impact –

When you’ve taken action on an opportunity, toggle open the Change Log. Add annotations to keep track of the actions that you and your team take and watch how they impact impressions, clickthrough rates, conversion rates, and more. You can also add external marketing or environmental events that might have an impact on your sales... Did your Shark Tank episode re-air or a top competitor launch a new ASIN in your category? Make note of it. Track your changes and events at both the parent ASIN and child ASIN levels. To document a change, simply add a title and a brief description of what happened and in the future, you’ll be able to see what drove an outcome.

Change Log in Amazon Funnel Optimizer

Do you have more questions about Stoke’s Amazon Funnel Optimizer? Join Chloe Hull (Head of Stoke) and the team behind the platform, as they walk through the ins and outs of Stoke and answer live questions in the “How to Use Amazon Funnel Optimizer” Webinar

Amazon Funnel Optimizer is just a portion Stoke's all-in-one software platform for ecommerce brands. New solutions for managing and perfecting your inventory forecasts, AI-assisted content optimization, and customizing your central view of your marketing and operations centers are all on the horizon. 

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