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Stoke is in the business of igniting and accelerating e-commerce brands with our decision science platform. Our mission is to enable brands to focus on what inspired them in the first place: building exceptional, innovative products loved by their customers.

We built Stoke because we know better than anyone just how challenging it can be to manage and grow an e-commerce business - we've been there. Rising CPCs, expanding competition, increased margin compression, and the never ending deluge of “to-dos” distract from the magic that inspired brands - their passion for their products and customers.

Stoke is the first and only software to support e-commerce brands as they make critical decisions across their businesses - from marketing optimization, to inventory management, to managing cash flow, and everything in between. 

Our team of world-class technologists and product builders is bringing this mission to life by aggregating data from disjointed systems (like Amazon, Google Ads, Meta Ads, Shopify, etc.), then layering on advanced analytics and Generative AI to serve up actionable recommendations brands can trust.

Driven by a shared obsession for solving complex problems, the Stoke team is focused on delivering meaningful improvements and long-term value for e-commerce brands and creative thinkers.

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Frequently asked questions

Who uses Stoke?

Stoke is for anybody looking to take their ecommerce business to the next level. Brand owners, third-party sellers, agencies, and more can all benefit from the analytics, tools, and insights offered by Stoke.

How do I get started with Stoke?

Stoke is excited to announce the lanch of its Ecomm HQ beta, available now to a limited number of users. You can join by clicking . To get early access to future releases, like Stoke's upcoming Finance and Marketing Products, please join the waitlist.

How does Stoke get access to my data

Stoke integrates with popular marketplaces, media publishers, and other common ecommerce platforms via commonly used APIs. To authorize Stoke to access your data, you’ll be asked to grant Stoke permission within the onboarding process for each relevant platform. After that, Stoke can seamlessly aggregate and transform all of your real-time data in one easy-to-use location.

How does Stoke protect my data?

Stoke only accesses the data sources you choose to connect. Stoke does not share data with any other platform or provider and has strict data privacy measures in place to ensure the safety and security of your information.

What integrations does Stoke support?

Stoke supports integrations from leading marketplaces, publishers, and automation platforms including Amazon Seller Central, Amazon Ads, Shopify, Google Analytics, Google Ads, FB Ads, IG Ads, Klaviyo, and Walmart, with more integrations on the way.

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