9 Questions to Ask Yourself if You Want to Improve CVR

April 5, 2023
2 min read

Who doesn't want to improve their CVR (purchases divided by clicks)? It's crucial for growing your business, and one of the most effective ways to do this is by optimizing your Amazon PDP. So where do you start? We put together these 9 questions to get you rolling. From monitoring your price point, images, bullet points, reviews, and even the A+ content on your page, these questions provide a framework for making data-driven decisions that can increase your CVR and boost your sales!


1. Is there a big difference between your price and the competition's? Monitor your competitors' listings for any price changes and see if you can compete. If your price point is higher, ask your self "Do my product and content justify my price point?"


2. How do my images compare to my competitors? Main images are the first impression of your product, so you want to stick out among the competition to entice the customer to click through to your PDP. Create new images that show off why your product is better than the competition.

3. Do my images justify and support my price? If your product is set at a premium price, your images need to reflect that. Refer back to your response to Question 1 and audit your product images through that lens.

Need some inspiration? Check out the images on Zulay's Milk Frother PDP for a great example.

Bullet Points

4. Do my bullet points accurately reflect my product? Pretty self-explanatory. Read through your bullet points from your customer's point of view - would you be satisfied with your product based on that description? (Bonus points for getting a friend to do this exercise and give you their impressions!)

5. Are my bullet points compelling? Your bullet points should convey the value of your product effectively. Look at how to highlight benefits, not just features. Tap back into that creative writing course from high school and try using more descriptive language to make your product more memorable and persuasive.


6. How do my reviews compare to my competitors'? Spend some time looking at other product's reviews and making note of what customers like/don't like. Use this information to develop your product and messaging!

7. What are the top reviews showing on my PDP? Unfortunately, you can't control which reviews appear at the top of your PDP. You can, however, follow up with customers who have made a purchase asking for a review. This will increase the number of reviews you drive and help to (hopefully) increase your positive reviews.

A+ Content

8. Do I have A+ content? If you're not sure what A+ content is, read through Amazon's article on it before you do anything else - we'll wait. Done? Great! Have you included this in your PDP? If not, it's time to sit down and build out some content. Dymatize's Protein Powder PDP and the Celsius PDP are excellent examples of A+ content.

9. Does my A+ content add value to the customer? Creating or revamping your A+ content can provide valuable insights to your customers and show why they should purchase your product.  You can also input important keywords/search terms into you’re A+ content to help your organic rank!

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