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Unlock Command Center’s intuitive, cross-platform dashboard and outsmart the competition.

Cross-Platform Analytics

The center of business intelligence.

Save precious time and view your analytics across all major platforms and publishers through a single, intuitive dashboard.

Aggregated reporting from Amazon, Shopify and more

Accurate, up-to-date metrics, from sales to ad spend

Detailed Reports

Zoom in or zoom out.

From top-line performance to SKU-level data, unlock the insights you need with the click of a button.

Customizable views across brands, products and time periods

Easy-to-read reporting for all experience levels

Scalable for any sized business

Visualized Insights

Analyze and act quickly.

Move at the speed of ecommerce with personalized alerts that highlight critical opportunities for growth.

AI-generated alerts for performance outliers

Personalized data visualizations

Supports both scanning and detailed exploration

"Stoke Command Center has quickly become an indispensable tool for managing our business. In just a few weeks of using the platform, we've experienced a dramatic increase in efficiency and accuracy. Stoke Command Center serves as our single source of truth, integrating all of our ecommerce data into one place and providing us with invaluable insights into SKU level performance across different channels."

Peter Christiani

Head of Marketing at Portland Pet Food Company

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