Operations Center
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Incinerate inventory woes.

Say goodbye to stockouts and overstocks. Streamline your inventory management with Stoke and let nothing go to waste.

Real-Time Inventory Manager

Simplify inventory management.

Track your inventory across warehouses and make quick decisions that keep your business running smoothly.

Comprehensive and aggregated inventory tracking

Overstock alerts to avoid fees and increase velocity

Inventory health metrics for daily monitoring

Sales Forecasting

Stay a step ahead.

Stoke’s sales projections are based on historical data, seasonality, trends and other important factors. Our customers have successfully transformed these forecasts into impactful business decisions.

Purchase Order Recommendations

Buy with confidence.

Take the guesswork out of of the PO process with data-driven recommendations about when and what to buy.

Customizable parameters that map to your business goals.

Algorithmic purchase recommendations for intelligent decision-making.

Detailed scenario planning for common (and uncommon) situations.

Purchase order demand planning tool

Fuel your business

for success.